about me

Hello, I'm Lindi

Owner and Designer here at Seven Blooms Design Studio.

I’m a Believer, wife and mom of the cutest 2 littles.  I live just outside Stellenbosch in the most beautiful place. I’m lucky enough to work from home and see my little ones grow up.

I’m a creative at heart. With a little bit of nerdiness – when it comes to coding and development! This gives me a creative edge when designing beautiful websites!  

I have a soft spot for Small Business Entrepreneurs but have worked with big and small companies all over South Africa.

I believe in trust, collaboration, communication and team work.

Let me do the things I love and am good at, so that you can do the things you love and want to spend time on!

Whether you have a new business or existing one requiring a rebrand or a service, you need to focus your time on your business and spend your free time with your family.  It’s my mission to create beautiful and hassle free designs, or to manage your social media so you don’t have to.

My background

I studied Industrial Engineering many moons ago, and have since then taught myself various other skills equipping me to do design, social media and web design.

I have worked with various brands over the past 4 years to create strong brands and beautiful feeds.

What sets me apart , is the heart behind my business. I want to help you achieve your best, so I will always give my best!

One of the things I hear most  is that my clients never have time to focus on branding and social media presence because they are so busy looking after their businesses day to day.  Ta-da problem solved!

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Here is how we can work together

Web Design

Social Media

Brand Identity

Ready to create the brand & website of your dreams? Or want to hand over your tedious social media?